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AceMan [10:40]
buziol_games [22:33]
Pozdro AceMan dawno mnie tutaj nie było :)
SaphirJD [20:54]
hey all, hope you are staying secure during the Corona crisis :)
AceMan [08:49]
polityka antyreklamowa od jakiegoś czasu standardowo wyłącza autoplay i dźwięk
AceMan [08:48]
aha, czasami trzeba zezwolić stronie na granie audio w opcjach
AceMan [08:48]
#midziała (Opera, Chrome). Zmień browsera :)
lis6502 [05:28]
wczytuje się tytuł i czas (04:04) i tyle. Czas nie leci, muzyka nie leci
lis6502 [05:27]
Kliknięcie 'play' przy 'e!ghtbm - Valkyr 2049' otwiera okno z playerem. Po 5 sek od otwarcia
AceMan [10:45]
szczegóły plz
lis6502 [10:08]
chyba player się zdupczył ;c
Jakim [16:18]
@psk Bardzo fajnie to wygląda.
psk [12:27]
quasi [09:49]
AceMan [13:29]
Maniac [12:49]
zresztą dodany przez tego samego gościa
Maniac [12:47]
AceMan DJ Nest - "War In The Jungle" jest już dawno w bazie... A ten nowy jest corrupt file...
arab [14:20]
Bo nie piszesz ich w dziale fantastyka/sci-fi
Buddha [03:40]
chciałbym pisać jeszcze takie wspaniałe historie, ale nie rozumiem dlaczego jestem blokowany
Buddha [03:39]
Odpowiedziałem, że nic nie wiem i nikogo nie znam...
Buddha [03:28]
Nie mam bana na . Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich, jak i dla AceMan
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So, you like our site, don't you? Well, why not to help us a bit then? :)
There is a plenty of ways you can support us. We have described the most popular/desired below.

• Link to our site

The easiest and most common way to help promoting each other in the Internet is link/banner exchange.
Here's our humble button you can place on your website:

Please contact us if you have put banner, button or some other kind of link on your website - we'll do the same for you! :)

• Put ModFM radio player onto your website!

This little flash-based player was coded by Mouster and is capable of playing our Internet radio anytime and anywhere!

To put our radio player onto your website, simply copy+paste this code:

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="102" height="74" src=""></iframe>

You can change player's colours and appearance by editing highlighted values:

* bg = background color of the player
* color = PLAY/STOP button, volume meter and writings' colours
* back = link to image file that will appear as player's body
* lang = if set to "en" there will be "Open in window" writing, if set to "pl" there will be "W nowym oknie" writing :)
* link = if set to "yes" there will be link opening the player in a new window, if set to "no" - there won't be such link :)

Try different values and get the look that fits your website :)

Websites that already feature our player:

• Donations

Keeping and ModFM alive requires a lot of time, but also, unfortunately, money.
Right now everything is being paid by administrator, since it's amount he's able to afford for the time being.
However, if you'd like help us a bit this way - we'll be more than happy :)

domain: 55,35 PLN | web server: 360 PLN (12 x $9)


Unfortunately we don't have the possibility to receive automatic payments anymore.
If you would like to help anyway, please contact the administration.

• Other

We are also looking for:

- Article writers (goal: writing tutorials, reviews etc.)
- Internet explorers ;) (goal: gathering information for certain website sections, i.e. software, events, productions)

If you feel that you may be one of those - don't hesitate to contact us! :)
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