Cooperation Compo!

The goal of this compo is to create a tracked tune in cooperation with another participant.
Simple? Sure! :) Okay, so let's see the details...

  1. To participate, you have to be registered user
  2. You can apply in the Compo section on (after logging)
  3. There must be at least 6 participants to make the competition
  4. Registration deadline: 28.01.2011
  1. Participants will be divided into couples
  2. Couples will be decided via fair-and-square system
  3. Each couple will have to write one module in specified time
  4. There will be compo samplepack (available from 29.01.2011)
  1. One couple = one module
  2. Allowed formats: mod, xm, it, s3m, rns, xrns (2.6 and lower), mt2, skm, digi, dbm, mtm
  3. Playing time: unlimited
  4. Number of tracks: unlimited
  5. You can use samples from compo samplepack
  6. You don't have to use all samples from samplepack
  7. You can't "physicaly" modify these samples
  8. You can load one sample multiple times
  9. You can create your own envelopes
  10. You can loop samples (but do not create a sine from broken glass effect, please ;))
  11. You can add up to 3 other samples to your composition (no sequences)
  12. You can use internal effects offered by chosen format
  13. Make sure your module plays correctly in a clean installation of chosen tracker and doesn't use any external plugins, filters etc.

  14. Deadline: 11.02.2011

  15. Send your tunes to
  16. Please send two versions of your module: one with infos, samplenames etc. and the other one without any information (anonymous)
  17. Please include a mp3 version of your module as well (44100 khz)
By submitting your module to the compo you agree for its permanent use at database.


To be annouced :)